Sustainability Index


Right now, investing takes places with very few metrics. On top of this, all of these metrics focus on economics. While this may seem normal, it doesn't allow people to invest in what they care about - support social issues, reject child labor, stop large scale direct and indirect pollution, all through investing.

What it does

The Sustainability Index takes these factors into account. We provide a new ticker score, one that takes into account the environmental impact a company has. It takes into account the social standing of the company on certain issues. This allows transparent investing in things that you believe in.

How we built it

Lots and lots of web scraping, data cleaning, web development, and cloud engineering. All are average skills of Junior developers.

What was my role?

I did data cleaning with Pandas and backend structuring with Node.JS/Express.

What did I learn?


Did this project win?

Yes. This project won First Place at HackTX, the Capital One sponsor challenge, and third place for the Pimco challenge.