Organizing TAMUhack20

The Build Up

Upon joining the team in October, I was shoved head-first into the chaotic beauty that is planning a hackathon. A fully student led event meant for 800+ people requires tons of work and lots of passion. Luckily, our team lacks neither.

My Part

As a tech director, my role mainly lies in development and development-planning. This differs from typical corporate development, as I also partake in open source outreach. This is something new to our team. Essentially, with our open-source tech stack, we reach out to other hackathon developers, and we get them to use and contribute to our tech.

However, I also led the acquisition of one of our sponsors, State Farm.


The peak time for work lies in the two weeks before the event, and the weekend of the event. Afterwards, we stayed strong, but were far more laid back than before the event. It was also fairly soon after the event that we began recruiting and interviewing new recruits.

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