A Tea of Passion


I started drinking tea in 10th grade to cope with my mom's illness. It was a great relief and has served me well.

Through the years between then and now, I went from a casual tea drinker to a connesieur. Over the summer of 2019, I attended multiple classes at The Cultured Cup to learn about different types of teas, their histories, tasting notes, and varieties. Thus began my trip into the expensive hobby that is tea.

I most recently explored my love for tea in China. I visited Hangzhou, home to the famous Longjing green tea. At the tea shop I visited, the owner let me try many teas until she believed I couldn't properly taste tea anymore. It was heaven.


Commonly cultivated in Taiwan, oolong tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. A slightly oxidized green tea, oolong has slight notes of bitterness and high content of L-Theanine. This tea makes me very tea drunk, it is my second favorite.


A commonly fermented tea, this lasts for a long time and will often gain complexity the longer you let it sit. Very dark and full bodied, pu-erhs are my favorite tea. They make me feel good over all and very energetic.

Green Tea

Red Tea

White tea

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