A Step Into My Future Home?

A Peek Into China

Strict guidelines and organized chaos. Cameras at every corner, overseers watching. Puntual trains prompty arrive.

430km/h. Inches above ground, we sped. Turn the seats, my tire needs leg room.


Holiday Inn

A Holiday Inn accross the way from our room. Minutes from Shanghai Station. Prime location brings us to dinner.

Shanghainese food. Generous parents. My first meal in the forbidden land.


West Lake

Sweet, viscous rice alcohol. Fresh, slimy river shrimps. Hearty, tea roasted duck.


Wild rides. Smoke filled the taxi, report. Run around with sore feet, meet with a friend.

Shanghai Pt. 2

New Years

Soju. Frat boys. Multiple trips to Chinese BBQ.

Head ache. Body sore. A new experience.


Eel. Clean. New construction.

Shanghai Pt. 3

Holiday Inn. Unlimited Japanese food. A new cleaver.


Confusion. Hot pot. Spice. Bliss.

Planes. LA. Sadness.

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