Who Am I

I am a Computer Science Honors student at Texas A&M University with a strong interest in large-scale software design and deep learning.

In my freetime, I cook Sichuanese food and make homemade kombucha. I also love traveling. This map shows all of the places I've visited in my memory.

Some Background

Most of my experience lies in backend web development. I am currently applying my skills in the following:

  • TAMUhack, Technology Director from Oct 2019 - Present
  • DynamicMC, Founder from Nov 2019 - Present

These skills stem from my internships and jobs in which I partook:

  • State Farm, Software Engineering Intern in Summer 2019
  • Reveal Modern, Software Engineering Intern in Spring 2018 and Full-Stack Developer in Spring 2019
  • Parkland Hospital, Technology Intern in Summer 2017

This summer, I will be the following applying my knowledge as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft.